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Kevin's latest blog: Daily Dev Log 0

Life has been a bit topsy-turvy, so I haven't been updating the site or posting as much as I had hoped over the summer. Sorry about that.

But long story short, Static Void Games has a NEW HQ! In other words, I moved. My new place is much closer to my day job (I'll be walking home instead of driving for an hour), so I'll have much more time to invest in developing the site.

To help myself actually take advantage of that extra time (instead of using it to play Just Cause 3), I've given myself a challenge of **doing something every single day**. That "something" might be small, or one "something" might take several days, but I'll at least do **something** every day.

If that seems interesting, I'll be posting my daily dev log in this blog, probably about once a week. Here's what I've been up to the past few days:

  • **Thursday, November 26th**: Got my workspace up and running. This mostly involved opening eclipse and firing up my local server, but it went a long way to overcoming some of the **inertia** of getting back into programming. It's amazing how much easier it seems if I can just sit down and start typing.

  • **Friday, November 27th**: Bootstrap-ified the about section. I also rewrote some of the about text, and I got rid of the FAQ since most of that was outdated anyway. Hopefully this helps new people understand what's going on here. **If you have any suggestions on what should be in the about section, let me know!**

    • I also fixed a bug with the tutorial markdown. It turns out that there's a bug in the JavaScript engine that comes with Java, which means that I can't parse markdown on the server side (you might notice this bug in incorrectly parsed markdown on this blog, comments, game descriptions, etc). To fix **that**, I had been using a separate ajax call to fetch the markdown to parse on the client side, but that request can be blocked by certain firewalls. Instead, I'm now including the markdown in the initial page load itself and then parsing that on the client side, which is probably what I should have done from the beginning. On the plus side, this means I'll be able to fix the markdown bug everywhere- look for that in an upcoming daily dev log!
  • **Saturday, November 28th**: Started fixing a bug with the client-side loading of points. Spent way too much time realizing that ~D(callFunction());and ~D(callFunction);are two **very** different things.

  • **Sunday, November 29th:** Continued fixing the points loading bug. Spent too much time realizing that you can't use JSTL in included JavaScript files. Duh.

  • **Monday, November 30th**: Wrote this post. That counts, right? **Edit**: Actually I managed to further fix the points bug, as well as the bug with markdown parsing. Hooray!

In other news, the libGDX jam is happening December 18th - January 18th. Theme voting is happening now, so go vote for a theme!