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Featured Game

05:13:58 PM - Saturday, March 22, 2014



Battle with tanks in single and multiplayer!

by Jojo

  Features: Singleplayer against AI, offline multiplayer up to four people against each other and AI 4 different terrain types, plus a terrain editor 4 different weapons Ingame shop where you can buy ammo after each round Randomly dropping ammo crates Controls: Use the mouse to aim and hold down the mouse button to charge your shot. Release the mouse button to shoot. What was your inspiration for the game? A small Flash game called Tanks, the Flash game Territory War, as well as the Worms... (read more)


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Recent Blogs

Newest Site Blog: DevBlog: Running Locally

09:02:08 PM - Friday, June 27, 2014

Long story short: I have Static Void Games running completely locally! (Other than the S3 stuff I talked about last week.) Hooray!

It doesn't look like much, but this is the first big step in open-sourcing everything!

What this means is that I can now proceed to write the rest of Static Void Games in Spring, without potentially screwing with the "real" database, and without uploading anything to AWS to test it. This will make development safer and faster. More importantly, this means that eventually YOU will be able to run your own version of Static Void Games on YOUR computer, make your own changes, and test them without worrying about screwing it up for anybody else. This is much better than the approach I've been using!

Behind the scenes, this is just using Tomcat to turn my computer into a server. Then all I need to do is run my Static Void Games code in Tomcat, and presto, I'm running locally instead of on a server somewhere!

The other half of this is the local database, which was a bit more work. The real site uses an external database to store pretty much anything that isn't a file, and it would be unsafe to use that while developing, let alone give it out to other people- it would be too easy to "accidentally" delete the whole thing and lose all of the site's data! So I had to convert the real database into a local database that would be safer to use during development.

There are a few ways to run a database locally, and the easiest (and Java-est) local databases are H2 and Derby. I played with both a little, and decided (rather arbitrarily) on Derby. Now that I decided on a local database, how the heck do I convert the real database to a Derby database??

I looked into using DdlUtils, but in the end I decided to just program my own solution. The program I created uses Hibernate to load data from the real database into a Java Object, and then exports that Java Object to a local Derby database. Then I just point my code to that Derby database (which took an extra day because I imported the wrong thing into Maven), and I'm running everything locally! Down the road, you'll be able to just download a zip file that contains the local database.

This solution will also make it easier for me (because I think in Java and not SQL) to do things like strip out password hashes, email addresses, unpublished games, and users who opt out of being included in the local database.

Now comes the actual work of coding everything in Spring!

(Was this post too much information? Not enough information? Not enough pictures of deer or cats? I'm making posts that I would think were interesting to read if they were written by somebody else, but let me know what you want to hear about!)

Newest User Blog: A Simple Dice Game.

04:32:00 PM - Tuesday, June 03, 2014

I invented this little dicing game, thought to post it here, for anyone interrested!

In this game you get to shout, so be sure it's OK!


You need at least as many dice as players. Each dice has to be distinguishable.


Take n dice with as many sides as you want (not necesserally the same for each).

Let each player pick a dice. The other dice form the "stack"

The Game:

Notice: Your score is the amount of eyes on all your dice.

Selection Phase;

Everyone throws their dice at the same time. As soon as you think you know, shout the value of the highest score. (First to say counts, not the others)

If your right, you get to challenge, else the selection process is reapeated, and you have to put one of your dice to the "stack".

Challenge phase:

You can either challenge the "stack", in that case, you throw your dice and throw all of the dice of the stack. You then get to pick one of the dices of the stack which has a lower value than your score.

Notice:this is only possible if there are dice in the stack.

Or you can challenge another player: in this case, each player throws his dice, the one with the highest count gets to steal a dice to his opponent.


If you have no dice left, you lost, the winner is the last man rollin'.


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