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Welcome to Static Void Games!

Who is this site for?

I'm building this site with the following people in mind:

  • Game Jammers:
    • You don't have time to worry about hosting and deployment.
    • Use our easy uploader to get applet, webstart, and runnable jar versions of your game on a customizable webpage!
    • Specify your own ad code and keep 100% of the revenue your game generates!
  • Students:
    • Have you started learning Processing or Java and want to learn more about game development?
    • Check out our growing list of tutorials and the source code to real games here!
  • Players:
    • Want to play some indie games and help support up-and-coming developers?
    • Play some games and drop the developers a comment!

Kevin's latest blog: Update: Registration, Fall, and School

Since the last update, school has started (as most of you probably know).

Read more here.

Static Void Games is open-source!