Jar Matey (previously SvgExe)

JarMatey (say it like a pirate) is a tool designed for Java and Processing developers who want to package multiple jar, class, external, and native files up into a single self-extracting jar.

The Problem:

  • You have several jars that you want to combine into one jar.
  • Your program relies on external files that can't be added to a jar, but you want to deploy as a single runnable file.
  • Your program relies on native files that have to be on the file system, but you want to deploy as a single runnable file.
  • You have a Processing sketch that you want to deploy as a single runnable file.
  • You have some .class files that you want to deploy as a runnable jar.

The Solution:

JarMatey helps you create an automatically extracting runnable jar file that handles multiple jars, classes, external files, and even native libraries. You can use the GUI to create the jar, and that's the only file that you need to send to your users (or upload to Static Void Games!). Users of your program just see a single file that they double-click to run, and JarMatey handles the rest.

JarMatey is a program designed to help alleviate some of the stress of Java and Processing deployment. It handles packaging multiple jars and classes up into a single program, allows for packaging of external files (images, sounds, etc), and native libraries- all into a single executable jar that can be sent to end users.

This is an alternative to running as an applet or webstart, which has been made more difficult in the latest version of Java.

Hopefully the process is relatively straightforward, but don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Download JarMatey here.

Want to know more? Check out the FAQ here.