Charity Game Jam 2013

Author: Kevin []

The Charity Game Jam starts today! Over the next week, participants will be making games that contain links to charities, with the hope that people will play the games, learn more about the charities, and throw some money at some awesome causes.

This is all being organized by the always amazing Christer Kaitila, aka McFunkypants, aka the guy who puts together One Game a Month. I won't get too fanboyish here, but the dude deserve serious props for all the good he does for up-and-coming game developers.

Anyway, get in the spirit of charity and make a game! As an added bonus, I'll personally donate 10 dollars for every game uploaded here before the end of the month! Your game can include the button available on the Charity Game Jam site (let me know if you want help setting up the code for launching a url from Java or Processing), or you can include a link to your charity of choice in your game's description.

Your game could demonstrate the issues your charity is trying to help with (I'm picturing a somber game that links to a homeless charity where you play as a homeless person begging for change and dodging insults), or you could create an interactive visualization showing some compelling facts and statistics (maybe a screen that starts out displaying 100 happy people who all eventually die, showing the leading causes of death by percentage with a link to a cancer charity). But your game doesn't have to directly relate to the charity; you could make any type of game and slap the charity button on it. You could even just update an old game you made in the past with the charity button (but make sure you write a blog about it so I know to donate)! Get creative- I'm actually making a live wallpaper for Android instead of a game.

What are you waiting for? Make a game, tell us a little more about a charity you believe in, and I'll throw 10 bucks at it! Win/win/win!

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