Avalanche Rider

Outrun the avalanche!

This is a game by Kevin.


Play this game offline by downloading the jar.

Open Source

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Outrun the avalanche!


What was your inspiration for the game?

Our snow theme, plus the idea to do something avalanche-related has been bouncing around in my head ever since Ludum Dare 25, where the theme was "you are the villain". My original idea had you playing the part of the avalanche, but I couldn't quite get the mechanic to feel right so I ended up not making an entry. Those ideas mixed a bit with Line Rider and Dino Run, and this game was conceived. Then mini-LD 39 had a theme of hindsight, or "make the game you wished you made before", and this game was born. For its Ludum Dare entry page, go here.

Did you run into any challenges while creating the game?

I'm still learning libGDX, and this is my first "real" game using it.

Do you have any future plans for the game?

Perhaps! This is my first entry to One Game a Month, which I'm going to use to explore a few ideas to see what sticks. Hopefully by October I'll have a game worthy of expanding for the Ludum Dare October Challenge. I originally wanted to add features like doing tricks and getting points, similar to Dolphin Olympics 2 (which I just realized has an Android version!), so that and better art might be something to explore. With that in mind, if any pixels artists out there want to team up and really polish a game, let me know!

magnpeas [] - January 22, 2013
What was your favorite part about the game?

I like the penguin facts at the end.

What was your least favorite part about the game?

I hate the holes that kill me every time! I also do not like that it is addicting

iandioch [] - January 23, 2013

What did you like about the game?

who doesn't love a good old penguin? I laughed when I ended up sliding along on my nose. I do have a question though, what was the point in including the ability to slide left? :P

What could be improved about the game?

I'm not sure if it was a bug or feature, but when the avalanche came over me I could jump up pushing the snowballs away and keep going.

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