The Briny Depths

How far into the briny depths can you go?

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This game is open source. Download the source here.


What was your inspiration for the game?

I originally set out to do a litlte test game, one of those helicopter games where you push a button to fly up and try not to hit any obstacles. But it morphed into this, and I sorta like how it turned out.

How could your game be improved by others?

This game leaves plenty of room for improvement. The obstacle generation code is pretty dumb, and it would be cool if the game got faster over time or something. It would also be cool to have a high score list. I'm working on that one!

January 31, 2014

How did you get the background to move?

January 31, 2014

I cannot find it within the code

March 03, 2014

I missed this one sorry (Found it thanks to "events").

I like the graphics, but I do experience some screen tearing. I like the bubbles, they make the game alive!

The level generation is pretty cool, but sometimes pretty nasty and unfair.

Nice overall!

To the guy underneath: I believe He shifts the terrain intaid of the submarine, take a look at lines 135 thru 169 in the class BrinyDepths .


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