Jojo's Breakout (HTML5)

Breakout in GameBoy Color style

This is a game by Jojo.


Play this JavaScript game in your browser here.


Note: Colors and/or sound may not work in older browsers.

What was your inspiration for the game?
I was playing Alleyway on the GameBoy and I was intrigued by how well it played given that is was a pretty basic Breakout clone. I decided to try to make my own version of it, and this is the result. At first it was very similar to Alleyway but when I started adding colors, my own stages and bonus rounds it became a game of it's own.
Did you run into any challenges while creating the game?
Not really, it went quite smooth.
Do you have any future plans for the game?
No, since it's just a Breakout clone.
How long did it take to make this game?
About a week to make 90% of the game and two weeks week in which I tweaked small details and added the bonus rounds.

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