Jump.... and shoot ;)

This is a game by artiko.


Play this game offline by downloading the jar.

Open Source

Download the source here.

Jump.... and shoot ;)


What was your inspiration for the game?


Did you run into any challenges while creating the game?


Do you have any future plans for the game?


Gaspard [] - November 24, 2013

The new mobs in the 2nd level are cool, but in the third level it seems impossible not to die(Maybe I missed something?).

Also, the .har doesn't seem to work, and option button just makes it freese for me...

Grahpic colors are cool however!


artiko [] - November 24, 2013
yeah i see..

anyway i reach level 6 and i'm sure you can do it! Did you remember to shoot?


anyway, there're 10 levels

Gaspard [] - November 24, 2013

Beat level 3! But then OMG LEVEL4 LASERS Died.

*But I noticed the graphics for lasers are cool too!


artiko [] - November 24, 2013
this week, that i haven't a timelineto finish i'll modify the endless mode changing the level generator and adding the lasers and something else that you can see completing ;)
if you really can't finish the levels i'll get them easier ;)

and for the music i don't know... on my ide it goes, just out of the nope :(
Kevin [] - November 25, 2013

This is a really fun idea! The jar throws an error saying it can't find the main method, and the applet seems a little cut-off, but this is really cool! Reminds me of one of the bosses from Sonic and Knuckles.

I see you did this for Speccy Jam, but the Charity Game Jam is also going on right now. You could add a button that links to a charity and use it for the Charity Game Jam too!

Anyway, I promised I'd donate 10 dollars for every game uploaded this week! Any preferred charity you want it to go towards?

artiko [] - November 25, 2013
yeah! it would be cool, but right now i don't have to to learn how to do it,
could you help me please?

and no i don't have preferred charity so i only thank you for the donation!!!
artiko [] - November 27, 2013
ok, i've done! i've added the charity button and i hade submit it to charity game jam!
Gaspard [] - November 27, 2013

Got to level 6! Finnaly!


artiko [] - November 27, 2013
i decided that the next thing i'm going to add is the level menu so we haven't to do all from level 1 every time!
Kevin [] - December 02, 2013

As promised, I just donated 10 dollars to Games for Change!

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