Sumo Bounce

Bounce the enemies out!

This is a game by Kevin.


Download the APK here.

Download from Google Play here:


Tilt your phone to bounce the enemies out of the red circle!


This game requires accelerometers, which most Android devices should have.


Play this game offline by downloading the jar.

Open Source

Download the source here.

Bounce the enemies out!


What was your inspiration for the game?

I wanted to make a simple game that took advantage of Android's accelerometers for our May theme, and my initial idea involved a more serious sumo game where you controlled your fighter by tilting the phone. That evolved into a more cartoony game, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

Did you run into any challenges while creating the game?

Only finding time to sit down and code it! LibGDX made it really easy to develop and debug on my computer and to deploy to my phone by just changing a few lines, and I've been reading this book to tie the concepts together.

Do you have any future plans for the game?

If people like this concept, I might develop the original sumo game I had in mind when I started this game. My final vision includes a Mortal Kombat type ladder system, different abilities that can maybe be upgraded, and maybe even multiplayer. The biggest obstacle in my way is art- I've hit my artistic limit with the smiley faces, haha. So if any artists are interested in teaming up, let me know!

Gaspard [] - September 26, 2013

It took a while to start, but the game is fun!

I liked the different gameplay features!


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