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This game is open source. Download the source here.

How are other people allowed to use this source?

This source is available under an Attribution + NoDerivatives (by-nd) Creative Commons license. That means people can download and learn from the source, but they can't modify it or create derivative works from it.

This is my entry to the 2013 Global Game Jam (view the ggj game page here). The theme was the sound of a heartbeat.

Art was done by Terry Wallace.

Can you pat your head with one hand while you rub your stomach with your other hand?

Have you ever thought about how much work it is just to keep your heart beating as you go about your day?

This game explores those ideas by having you type words to go through your daily routine with one hand, while remembering to make your heart beat with the other.



Ciúnas Bóthar Cailin Bainne!

February 06, 2013

What was your favorite part about the game?

I love the concept of this. It sounds so easy, but once you get going, you see you can't do it at all. And, I learned that I can't touch-type for shit :3

I loved the way you had to type "Retry" to try again, and the whole thing felt nice and polished. Everything worked as it should.

What was your least favorite part about the game?

It was so damn hard! Maybe shorter words, or a longer timer might help that. I only got as far as Bowling... 

Also, after losing, it would be nice if you could skip the whole "practice"/"practice more" thing...

Some heartbeat sounds might make it easier? Or even a drum in time to the beat?


Anywho, I loved it.



February 06, 2013

Thanks! I definitely should have included a more obvious way to skip the tutorial. You actually can rush through the tutorial by just typing the words and ignoring the heart beat part (since you can't die in tutorial mode), but I think the replayability would go up if you could just dive right into the action again. Lesson learned!

This is actually a much easier version than it was originally! The original version included multiple words (which is why the tutorial mode has "practice more" in it), which for some reason makes it much much harder. I can beat this in under a minute, but that's the curse of developing a game with yourself as the only playtester- everything is always easier to the person making the game!

The next step probably would be to add sound, and I almost did that, but then the curse of only having 48 hours struck and I had to cut my losses. Next time!

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