Web Comic Reader

Web Comic Reader for Android

This is a game by Kevin.


Download the APK here.

Download from Google Play here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.StaticVoidGames.WebComicReader

Just browse to any webcomic within the app. The app automatically keeps track of where you leave off reading.

Open Source

Download the source here.

This is just a test.


##What was your inspiration for the game? I got sick of always losing my place in the middle of reading Supermassive Black Hole A*, and wanted to create a simple Android app that automatically kept track of where I left off. I had some time to kill at the beach (yes I'm a giant nerd, but hey, other people bring books!), and this little application was born. ##Did you run into any challenges while creating the game? Feature creep. It started out as something very simple that just mapped domains to urls as you browsed. Then I added some error handling that redirected to google if you didn't enter a valid url. Then I added favicons, then came the ability to launch the app from other apps (the browser, or facebook, twitter, tumblr, whatever). Then came favorites and a history, eek! Hopefully it's still simple enough to be useful! ##Do you have any future plans for the game? I plan on actually using it quite a bit, so who knows what other features will creep their way in!
Gaspard [] - June 03, 2014


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