What are your favorite kinds of games?

About any that aren't nonsense or just graphics.

What do you do for fun?

Jazz Piano and programming +MATH.


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Zeta [] - November 23, 2013

Hi. I've downloaded the Pong from the link you commented on my "SimplePong" game, but I cant open it with Eclipse.

Do you know how to open those files?


Thank you for giving me some hope.



Gaspard [] - November 23, 2013

I'm very sorry, I think I called "Goal!" to early, indeed, it only contains .class files, and not the .java files...


Apparently, decompilers exit, I'll try it right now.

Gaspard [] - November 23, 2013

Found an Application that seems to work, it's in the dropbox.

(Basicly you can display the source from a .class file, If you're to scared of viruses, tell me, I'll copy all the source in a text file and put it in the dropbox. )

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