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What was your inspiration for the game?

This is my entry for Ludum Dare 27, which had a theme of "10 seconds". View my entry page here!

Did you run into any challenges while creating the game?

I thought my initial idea of generating a randomly overlapping tangle of wires would be easy, maybe even too easy.. but it turned out to be impossible. I'm still curious about a workaround (notice that when a wire overlaps itself, the outline isn't drawn correctly), but I think it works okay as is.

Do you have any future plans for the game?

Maybe! I think the idea could be polished into something more fun, and I could see this being an Android game. Hmm...

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Comments (newest first)

05:50:09 PM - Monday, September 16, 2013

Lots of booms in this LD. :)  143547 

12:13:41 PM - Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I just replayed it and noticed: I don't check vertically but horisontally.

I check which wires are cut and then only ones left, if it were in circle, I couldn't do that.

Cool to realise what my brain is doing....


11:10:47 AM - Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Scored 81349. Pretty happy with that. Excellent little game, seems perfect for android...

But I kept trying to drag my mouse across the wire to cut it. Damn touchscreens, they're making us all lazy.

10 seconds was a lot of time to figure it out. Switch it to 5 seconds and you'll have a tough game. Or maybe it gets shorter each level?

Anywho, loved it. Would vote it ~4/5 for the ludum dare, but I didn't enter so I can't :D

01:20:24 AM - Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thanks for playing! Yeah, it might be a little too easy. I try to avoid making games too hard, but I might have overcompensated here.

Thanks for the compliment! A big overhaul is coming, so it's an exciting time to join!


01:45:10 AM - Monday, August 26, 2013

What was your favorite part about the game?

Somehow, the fact that it made Boom when I got bored...


What was your least favorite part about the game?

The concept is good but 10 seconds for 4 wires is far two much.

I'm aware of the theme so ten seconds is sort of not a choice.

Maybe five or six, or more with time(like each 5 levels)

Multiple wires to cut could be cool two.


By the way, nice Website!


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