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LWJGL 3D Terrain

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This is a basic test and demo using LWJGL to draw a 3D randomly generated terrain. It utilizes the new OpenGL 3.3 shader-based rendering code and all code should be compatible with any video card compatible with OpenGL 3.3 or newer.

Look for upcomming tutorials and hints/tips for this demo as well as other Java-related posts at http://www.javaprogrammingforums.com/blogs/helloworld922/.

Minimum Requirements:

OpenGL 3.3 or newer

128MB video memory (estimated)



WASD: move the camera forward, backwards, left, and right

Z/X: Move the camera up and down

Q/E: Roll the camera

Left click: Rotate the camera (hold down and move the mouse)

Escape: Reset view to start view

Update 1.1:


- Made an applet version

- Lowered demo app default height map resolution to 512x512

- Switched to triangle strips for rendering (reasonable speed boost)

- Switched to a tile-based rendering scheme (hope is to have frustrum culling implemented at some point in the future)

- Fixed load stall

- No more webstart version

- Various minor tweaks and fixes



You are free to use all source as you wish, keep in mind all code is provided AS-IS with no warranty or guarantees. Feel free to comment if something isn't working quite right.

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