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Okay, so you created your game. Now what? How do you package it up and deploy it so other people can play it? Sadly, this can be a pretty confusing topic- especially after the recent changes in how Java works on the internet. The official Oracle tutorials can be pretty convoluted, so this is my attempt at explaining things in a way that everybody can understand.

Depending on who you are, you might care about different parts of this tutorial.

  • History: This is geared towards anybody curious about why Java deployment works the way it does.
  • Security Settings: This is geared towards end users (players), and it shows you how to change your settings to make games work. Note that it's probably not a good idea to rely on your users to change settings just to run your game!
  • Exporting Processing: This is for Processing developers who want to convert their sketch into something other people can run.
  • Combining Jars: One of the easiest ways to deploy Java is to simply create a runnable jar.
  • Packaged Executables: these look and feel like native applications.

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